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Blog > Silk Ribbon Embroidery Hint 2 by Di van Niekerk

Last week I started a series of handy hints and tips for silk ribbon embroidery.

I have made these cards for you to save and keep and you are welcome to share them with your students or friends. I will be adding a new card every week until the series is complete.

This is Hint 2


Silk Ribbon Hint 2 by Di van Niekerk


To thread the ribbon:

  • Thread the needle and pierce the end that has just been pulled through the eye of the needle. Pull the long end to tighten the knot.

To start with ribbon:

  • I rarely iron my ribbon before starting but you can iron the ribbon if you are using a stitch that requires a smoother ribbon (like the iris stitch for example). Press the ribbon with an iron set on a silk setting.

Third hint will follow next week. Don't forget to subscribe to stay in touch when I post new tutorials and hints. 

Enjoy and happy weekend 


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