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Blog > Ophelia- a Beautiful Embroidery by Christine Chan via Dicraft.com

Hi, hello!
I’m back from hiking amongst the wildflowers on the West Coast not far out of Cape Town and having caught up with the backlog, I want to show you a gorgeous classic piece of artwork, embroidered by the talented Christine Chan from Arcadia in Los Angeles County.
Ophelia is a 1894 oil on canvas painting by the English painter John William Waterhouse and the embroidery panel (in full colour) is available here in large size and here in medium size. 
Christine always remembers me, sending me photos of her beautiful work and she just makes my heart sing  
Thank you, dear Christine!
It's a beautiful embroidery that will be a favourite heirloom piece, that's for sure!
Christine used an assortment of colours from my range of silk ribbons and if you would like to purchase ribbons in these colours and widths, please, feel free to contact us and we will assist.  
Christine used Sulky Rayon for her hair and an assortment of embroidery threads and knitting yarns. The beauty of this kind of creative embroidery is that there are no rules, once you start, the inspiration will happen, and you can use whatever threads you like!
For the hair she made single knotted stitches and she cut the loops to look like real hair, with long straight stitches between.
The flowers in her hair are made in ribbon stitch in 2 mm no 58 Real Red, 2mm 103 White, and 42 - Peony Use 1  strand of yellow and/or  black thread and French knots, wrapping the thread two or three times around your needle. 

The gold detail on her dress can be stitched with the Madeira metallic threads in shades of gold and silver, adding a touch of emerald and red with tiny seed beads. The folds in her dress can be worked in straight and stem stitch. Use Rajmahal Art. Silk threads (1 strand) or any fine silk or Rayon thread that will complement the dress. 

The tree log that she is sitting on is stitched in Perle 12 or 1 strand of 6-strand cotton thread (Rustic Brick colour or similar)  and use Long and Short Stitch

The rounded waterlily leaves in the background are made in Long and short Buttonhole stitch. Use Perle #12 thread or 1 strand of six-strand cotton. Fill in the empty spaces in long and short stitch. 

The light colour leaves are 2mm silk ribbon colour 120 and use straight stitch or ribbon stitch. The darker green leaves, use any of the greens left over from the Iris leaves below. 

The flowers on her lap are made in 2mm silk ribbon in 103 white and 42 Peony as you did for the flowers in her hair. 


Here Christine used my silk ribbons in Yellows and Autumn greens in the 2 and 4mm widths. You can choose 95 Golden yellow  in 4mm silk ribbon for the Irises, and for the greens and browns, you can use 26, 19, 131, 26, and 148 for the dark plum detail. Add a wider leaf in 7mm ribbon number 35 - Pine and Antique Brown. The pink Waterlilies are in 4mm 102 Terracotta



The white Arum Lilies on the left are embroidered with 4mm silk no.103 and ribbon stitch with a yellow French Knot in the centre. Add green and brown texture between the Iris leaves in straight stitch, single-knotted stitch, and pistil stitch.
I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. I do so love this piece!
Have a lovely day everyone.
Happy stitching!

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1 comment

  • BERGE Gwenaëlle

    C’est magnifique !!! Je ne suis pas sûre de tout comprendre, à cause de la traduction en français, mais je vais tenter l’aventure prochainement c’est sûr c:)

    Nov 06, 2023 at 17:20

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