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Blog > Make the Cutest Roses and Daisies with Silk Ribbon by Di van Niekerk


A free tutorial by Di van Niekerk



Make the Cutest Roses and Daisies with Silk Ribbon


Hi, hello stitching world, I thought you'd find these flowers useful when embroidering your own design, or to add in one of the panels you bought from us. They’re easy to make and oh so sweet!


Here I used silk ribbon from my range of ribbons. I used the 4mm no. 45 for the Pink flowers and no. 67 for the pale Turquoise ones.





  • Make the yellow centres with French knots in a golden yellow thread to form the stamens. Use one or two strands of the 6-strand cotton or silk (separate one or two strands from the six) and wrap the thread once or twice around your needle. Make as many knots required to fill the centre of the rose or daisy.



I hope you will enjoy making this little flower, its easy to make with lovely results.


You are welcome to use this pattern to help with your creation. Have fun!




Have a good weekend everyone.




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