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Blog > Lily's Embroidery Group - Adelaide, Australia

  Hiya Stitching World! I have something lovely to show you from a talented embroiderer in Adelaide. Her name is Lily and she embroidered this gorgeous "Shades of Summer" panel.   By-Lily-from-Adelaide     Lee wrote about her friend, Lily: " Our group meet every Tuesday for embroidery and lunch at Lily’s house in Adelaide but these days it is more in the reverse order.  We seem to eat and talk more than we do embroidery.  Lily is obviously the most talented.  Many of Lily’s work has been featured in Australian magazines like Beautiful Country Crafts, Country Craft and Embroidery & Cross Stitch.  With a keen eye for colour and an artistic flair, Lily’s embroidery pieces are not only beautiful in terms of colour and detail but also have depth with a 3-dimensional effect.  This is achieved through the use of different size, colour and shades of ribbons and threads.  Lily’s work is not limited to the standard embroidery panels of cottage gardens or floral baskets but includes some extraordinary creative originals.  Lily has used quilting fabrics, original Chinese silk painting, tea towels and even a lady’s silk handkerchief and brought them to life with ribbon and thread embroidery and stumpwork.  She has also used different fridge magnet pieces, e.g. porcelain Japanese ladies, to create embroidery pieces.  In the case of the Japanese ladies, Lily painted the background scene of a Japanese garden on a plain piece of fabric, embroidered over it and lastly, glued in place the Japanese ladies to create a scene of the Japanese ladies strolling through the garden.  Lily is not afraid to experiment with different mediums to achieve the effect she wanted.  For example, in a piece on an underwater scene, she used bubble wrap to simulate the corals. We are indeed very privileged to have Lily as our teacher.  She has not only generously opened her house to us but painstakingly and patiently guided us through each of our embroidery pieces.  We might be the ones doing the stitching, but we all rely on her to pick the size, colour and shades of ribbons and thread to use."   Thank you, Lee, for sending the photo of Lily's lovely work!    We do still have some Shades of Summer panels in stock and you are welcome to email us on to inquire.    Click on the images to enlarge...   Shades of Summer panel     This piece was embroidered by Emma Kriegler and the instructions for it are available when you order the Shades of Summer design from us.   ShadesofSummer750     Click on the images to enlarge...   Shades-of-Summer-first-half2       Shades-of-Summer-second-half2   *** For those who would like to learn how to embroider a garden scene with silk ribbon and threads, you are welcome to follow me on my blog to learn with close-up photographs and diagrams. The first chapter can be found here.   Have a lovely weekend everyone! Happy stitching.   Love Di Love    
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