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Blog > How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon

  How to make cute little flowers with silk ribbon   Loop stitch is ideal for making clusters of small flowers. It is an easy stitch to do and French knots are added afterwards to form the stamens.      Making-small-clusters-of-flowers-with-loop-stitch   For this F monogram from my Embroidered Alphabets book, I used loop stitch for the little blue flowers.   Click on the image to enlarge       Step 1. Use 4, 7 or 13mm silk ribbon and make a small stitch, working over a spare tapestry needle or similar object. Step 2. Make a loop stitch for each flower, forming the loops close together to create clusters of flowers. Step 3. Use one strand of thread and add a French knot on each loop to form the centre of the flower. Hint:  You could use a small seed bead instead of a French knot.     Clusters-of-blue-flowers-in-loop-stitch    See other ideas on loop stitch here   I have made you a free Gift Tag for your collection..        Download the design by clicking on the PDF below... print it onto fabric and embroider it, following the guidelines in my Embroidered Alphabets and Monograms and Words book.. or print onto lovely card stock or watercolour paper to make a unique gift tag for a special friend. [download id="130"]   Soon I will show you how to make Corn Poppies with organza ribbon. [scg_html_subscribe] and receive e-mail updates as soon as I post a new tutorial.   Enjoy your Wednesday :)   Love   Di  
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