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Blog > How Do I Make Softly Raised Stitches with Silk Ribbon by Di van Niekerk

Hi, hello! Today I am teaching you about creating dimension and softly raised ribbon embroidery stitches. I am often asked why some stitches are soft and rounded, raised off the surface of the design and why some designs look flat and have less dimension. I will show you why.


Silk Ribbon Stitches

How to Create Pretty Stitches with Silk Ribbon that are nice and rounded, adding texture to your ribbon embroidery.

In the example of the blue flowers above, Loop stitch  is ideal when forming clusters of small flowers. Work over a spare tapestry needle and form one loop stitch for each flower. See diagram below. Use a matching thread and make a French knot  on top of each loop (or add a bead instead) to form the centre of the flower.


Loop stitch with Silk Ribbon
In the example below, each petal was formed with loose/puffed ribbon stitch working over a spare tapestry needle to raise the stitches off the surface of the design. Work from the centre outwards and overlapping some petals for a dense texture. Add a bead or French knot  in the centre of each flower. Use green ribbon and loose/puffed ribbon stitches to form the leaves between the yellow ones.
 Loose Puffed Ribbon Stitches


Stitch Diagram - Loose Puffed Ribbon Stitch


Loose Puffed Ribbon Stitch


Softly Raised Silk Ribbon Roses


Silk Ribbon Roses


In the example  above, using 4mm silk ribbon in numbers 112 (Snap Dragons) and 138 (Vygie) the roses were stitched in the stem stitch rose technique and ribbon stitch Rose techniue. You can also use spider-web roses, an old-time favourite rose.
Hint: Instead of using thread to form the knots in the centre of the rose, use silk ribbon in the same colour and wind the ribbon once or twice around your needle, keeping a loose tension as you take the needle and ribbon to the back of your work. 



Stem Stitch Roses in Silk Ribbon



Spider Web Rose in Silk Ribbon .

Hope you will find the techniques useful!
Happy stitching




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