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Blog > How to Make Hydrangeas with Silk Ribbon

Hi everyone!
I thought I would show you how to make Hydrangeas with silk ribbon, the easy way.
Here is an example of Pink and Blue Hydrangeas and how to make these...
How to make Hydrangeas by Di van Niekerk


Start with the pink flowers and use Di van Niekerk’s Silk Ribbon 4mm no. 114 and make loosely wrapped French knots. Wrap the ribbon once around your needle. Change to no. 2mm no. 92 and add some more knots between the others.

Hint: For a soft, frilly texture, do not tighten the ribbon too much around your needle when taking the ribbon to the back of your work.

Make the leaves in ribbon stitch using Di van Niekerk’s 7mm ribbon no. 24.

Hint: For an interesting effect, add a few leaves in 6mm organza ribbon no. 18. Use a gentle tension and work over a spare tapestry needle to form soft, open leaves.


Here is another idea for Hydrangeas…

 Making Hydrangeas with Silk Ribbon by Di van Niekerk


Work with Di van Niekerk’s 4mm silk ribbon no. 64,  alternating with no. 89 for the darker petals and no. 123 for the paler blue petals. Use ribbon stitch, loose and puffed, to create the petals.

Hint: Work over a spare needle so that the stitches are raised off the surface of the design. Make stitches on top of one another for a raised effect (see how some stitches are overlapping more than others) and use a gentle tension whilst you work. 


Making Hydrangeas with Silk Ribbon by Di van Niekerk


I hope you enjoyed this little lesson! Happy Sticthing and make beautiful things.

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