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Blog > Single-Knotted Stitch and Turkey Stitch by Di van Niekerk

Single-Knotted Stitch.


Single-knotted stitch by Di van Niekerk


 This stitch is used to add a fluffy or looped texture between leaves. Make a loop as shown, hold the loop in place with your finger or use a large tapestry needle, and bring the needle out very close to the left of the loop. Insert it back on the right as shown, and anchor it to the fabric before proceeding with the next stitch. Pull the anchoring stitch quite taut so that a thin, elongated loop is formed. Leave some loops uncut for an interesting texture and cut others before fluffing. Always use embroidery scissors with sharp points.


Turkey Stitch 

Turkey stitch by Di van Niekerk



Turkey stitch is a wonderfully versatile stitch to add a fluffy texture to a design. An adapted stitch is illustrated here where a long looped thread is anchored to the background with a small straight/ stab stitch. Make stitches close together when filling in shapes like a dog or a cat and further apart for filling in foliage or clothing. When cutting the loops before fluffing the thread, insert the sharp point of the embroidery scissors and pull the stitch towards you or up or downwards before cutting. This makes the loop lie in the right direction. Fluff with the sharp point of the scissors. To ensure a smooth velvety texture for animals, ensure the anchoring stitch is as close to the fabric as possible.


Hope you enjoyed learning these two useful stitches! I wrote a blog post about how to make long grass and you will find it here.


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