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Blog > Hoop Art by Di van Niekerk

A Sea Scene in an 8 inch hoop.
Hi fellow embroiderer! 
I want to show you a piece that I made where I filled in the sky and the sea and the road in long and short stitch, but I wanted the tall grass along the shoreline to be loose and flowing as it is found in nature, almost blowing in the wind.
 Silk Ribbon by Di van Niekerk
So, I used two stitches, single-knotted stitch and Turkey stitch in between the French knot flowers and leaves in the in the foreground. It looks lovely, I must admit.  
Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Di van Niekerk
Have you used these two stitches to make grass and long leaves?
Turkey Stitch-by Di van Niekerk
This design is part of the new “by the seaside” design which is a bigger project than this one. You will find it on my website here:  
Happy week, stitching world.


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