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Blog > Silk Ribbon Embroidery Hint 6 by Di van Niekerk


Silk Ribbon Embroidery Hint 6 by Di van Niekerk

From a series of handy hints and tips for silk ribbon embroidery to save and keep for your collection. You are most welcome to share with your students or friends.
I will be adding a new card every week until the series is complete.
This is Hint 6…
hints and tips by Di van Niekerk



• Use the eye of a large needle (size 3 tapestry is ideal and gently hold the ribbon in place until you have pulled it through. Work with a gentle tension. Ribbon needs to be handled gently. Keep stitches loose and unfolded. Allow the ribbon to spread to its full with on the fabric before starting the next stitch. If your tension is too tight, or the needle too small, the ribbon will fold up and the beautiful texture will be lost. If you pull the previous stitch too tight in error, don't worry - simply make another stitch on top of it. This adds texture to the design!


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