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Blog > Purple Rain - Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery!


I thought I would show you this gorgeous piece titled Purple Rain, one of our projects and it's oh so beautiful!
Embroidered by Wanda Zmudzinska, it is her FIRST ribbon embroidery project! 
Don't you think it's lovely?
I asked Wanda to tell us a little about herself and she replied:
" I just finished my first ribbon project Purple Rain.
I bought a beautiful kit from You Di van Niekerk. I saw it on Facebook and I really wanted to do it. I’ve never embroidered with ribbons before.
I have lived in Canada for 37 years, I came here from  Poland. I always liked to do something, I knitted sweaters and did some cross-stitching. There was no thread, wool in Poland during the communist era. In Canada I was delighted with the possibilities.
I embroider various things, I learn on my own.
I also bought a very nice kit Old Malthouse, that I plan to do in the future." 
Thank you dear Wanda for sharing your talent with us, your first try with ribbon and see how easy it really is!
Note in case you are interested...
Wanda purchased the A4 size panel  from us and the ribbon pack and she used her own threads. 
Hope this will inspire you today! 
Until next time, happy stitching and don't forget to send me photos of your embroidery. 


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1 comment

  • Dee

    Absolutely stunning!

    May 14, 2024 at 12:25

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