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Blog > Results from the Fun Challenge!

The Royal Mug

The challenge was for all stitchers out there to get the linen panel from Dicraft and then to use anything they liked for the embroidery, silk ribbon, any kind of thread, yarn, roving, fabric… whatever took their fancy. Despite the lockdowns across the world and all the work that it took for all of us to manage our daily lives thereafter, we did receive some entries and thank you for this!

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

A beautiful entry by Anita Russell from Brownsboro in Madison County, Alabama, USA. Look how she made the poppies with silk ribbon and how she created the beaded centres around a green French knot. It’s a beauty!

A close of the poppies… how lovely!


This lovely piece is by Annemarie Smuts from Kabega Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Look how she made the poppies with organza ribbon, lovely!

A close-up view of the wheat and a poppy...

Annemarie wrote:

“It was a challenge to embroider the Snapdragons and
Poppies: to make them look like the real flowers. For the Snapdragons I used
2 mm silk ribbon for the two top stitches and orange centres.  The bottom
was 4 mm silk ribbon. For the Poppies, I used 6 mm organza ribbon and big
loop stitches.  For all the embroidery I used one strand of the six-stranded
cotton and Perlé nr 8 for the table outline and shadow (seed stitches). The
wheat was embroidered in fly stitch and overworked with Rayon thread. Gold
metallic thread and Lazy daisy stitch were used on the Mug.  The Mug was
raised with stuffing – although not visible in the photos.  I used
mostly 2 mm silk ribbon and a variety of stitches: French knots, loose
French knots, pistil, loop, grab, ribbon, seed, and stab stitches.”


This beautiful piece is by Christine Chan from Arcadia in California. Look how she made the poppies with organza ribbon and the dark centres in Turkey stitch.

I also love the colours and the textures that Christine used for the foliage between the poppies. Stunning!


This gorgeous piece is by Karen Fraser from Grass Valley in California. Look how she made the poppies with ruched silk ribbon. Don’t you love how everyone has made the poppies in another way with different kinds of ribbon?

Karen teaches at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, California and her classes are incredibly popular. Piecemakers Country Store will soon be keeping my range of silk ribbon too!


And the last entry is by Zakiah Darus from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I love the way she made the wheat and see how her poppies are made with loose puffed ribbon stitch?

Zakiah wrote “I am ex-banker staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have keen on this kind of ribbon embroidery for the past 2 years. I have been using various embroidery kit suppliers but so far yours are the most refined. For time being I haven't yet created my own designs in this stitching works.”

I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to create for this challenge. It is heart-warming to see how much love and care is taken with every piece. Thank you for your inspiration!

I hope this will encourage you, the reader, to stitch. We would love to hear your comments on what embroidery has meant to you during the last few months.

Have a lovely weekend, stitching world. Stay safe!


Di van Niekerk

The printed panel is to be found here.

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