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Blog > French Knot Roses

A French knot rose is ideal for making small flowers and roses.



  1. Use 2, 4 or 7mm silk ribbon or 6mm organza ribbon
  2. Wrap the ribbon once or twice around your needle as if you were making a French knot, but instead of inserting needle back into the fabric, gather the ribbon for 3 to 5 cm (I or 2 inches) as shown below…



◕‿◕ See how the needle is pointing to where the ribbon first emerged?

The gathered stitches are about 3mm (⅛”) apart.

  1. Insert the needle into your fabric and gently pull the ribbon to the back to form a small rose-like shape.
  1. You could add a French knot or a little seed bead in yellow to form the stamens.

For a free tutorial on making French Knot Roses, you are welcome to see it here on my YouTube channel.




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