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Blog > Embroidering the letters of a word, name or sentence

Embroidering letters

Making letters and words in silk ribbon embroidery
Good afternoon stitching world ♪♫♬♪
Today, I thought I would show you something about embroidering letters to form words, names, and sentences.
When you need a personalised gift for a special occasion or to make a decorative piece for your home, then words, names, and sentences can be especially useful.
This lesson is from my Embroidered Alphabets and Monograms and Words book: page 47.
  • Form the letters in backstitch
    • use 4mm silk ribbon for larger words
    • use 2mm silk ribbon for smaller words.

  • Hint: Make the stitches long enough to wrap them with ribbon. For example:
    • for 2mm ribbon, make the back stitches 2mm long.
    • for the 4mm ribbon, make the back stitches 4mm in length.

Whip the back stitches with silk ribbon to form lovely, raised letters.
Insert the needle under and over the stitches and use an even tension for good results.
When you reach the end of the line, take your needle to the back and come up again alongside the next stitch...

Take the needle to the back of your work

Come up alongside the next stitch

and complete the letter.
I used a whipped backstitch and silk ribbon to fill in the name of a teddy bear for Nate and a baby blanket for Noah...
Nate and Noah

Simply outline the printed letters with a matching thread and use stem or backstitch.
Use silk ribbon to embellish the letters with roses and other flowers.

Valentine’s card

Bee Happy

Memory or Trinket Box

The letters ove of the word Love (above) were made in whipped chain-stitch and I used 4mm silk ribbon…
or you could use whipped back-stitch.
Make a lovely T-Shirt ...

For a quick project, like this embroidered towel box, the initial C was embellished with ribbon roses and the remaining letters of the word were left as they were, printed on the fabric.
The towel box for a wedding gift...

More ideas...
The possibilities are endless!


Making letters and words in silk ribbon embroidery

I hope you enjoyed this lesson
I will show more about making small and large letters in the future.
Have a lovely weekend – remember to take some time off for yourself too!
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