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Blog > Back stitch and whipped back-stitch

  Back stitch and whipped back -stitch   1. Make a foundation row of back stitches   Click on images to enlarge                     2. Wrap each stitch once (or several times) with silk ribbon or thread.                       Here is an example of where I used whipped-backstitch to form the words: Friends Forever with 2mm silk ribbon click on image to enlarge                       3. To form larger letters, make two rows of back stitches and whip both rows at the same time.                 Here is an example of where I used a double row of whipped-backstitch to form the Russian word for LOVE on a handbag :)                         Have a look here for more about making words and sentences in silk ribbon embroidery.   Enjoy!   Love   Di   Stitch diagram is © 2011 Metz Press and Di van Niekerk.  
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