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Some African Sunshine for you


Hello stitching world! I see all the snow and the cold in many parts of the world and am sending you dazzling hot African Sunshine.   May it help to warm you up!    A baby face.....   Click on the images to enlarge Baby African Sunshine   Safe with Mama!     Baby and mum African Sunshine   and those eyes!   African Sunshine 1   Daphne wrote:   "The Mopani trees have budded and every day one can watch the russet leaves grow and pale into a beautiful green shiny leaves.   The cicadas are coming out and are singing away now — a lovely time of year.  The pathways are full of red Xmas spiders, as we used to call them when we were young. The  wee wee goggas are everywhere – ferocious hunters of all that crawl into their path.   I tippy toe through the army of Matabele ants that are around each pathway lamp, catching anything that lands in their way.   Never knew that Matabele ants were so active at night.  The bush is so alive at the moment with bird song, bugs, butterflies and beetles.  All the migrant cuckoos are also calling and if one knows one’s birds, you can stand and listen to about eight or nine different birds (or more) all calling at the same time.   How lucky I am!"   Thank you Daphne Wilmot from Wilmot Safaris in Botswana for sending me your beautiful photographs. I hope to visit you someday soon with Lulu!  

HAPPY weekend everybody and keep warm ♫♬♪



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