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Twirled ribbon rose


The twirled ribbon rose is a wonderful stitch to use when making roses and rosebuds.  



Here I used my 7mm silk ribbon no. 43 on a size 18 chenille needle...  


Step-1 TRR    

1. Come up in the centre and gently twist the needle to form a neat tubular shape.  




2. Hold the twirled ribbon and insert needle back into the fabric ...  




  3. …twirl the ribbon some more with your fingers, hold the twirls whilst pulling the ribbon to the back of your work.  




4. Hold the twirls gently to support them...  




  5. ... pull very softly until a rose is formed and keep pulling gently until you are happy with the shape.  






  6. Use one strand of thread (matching colour or use a golden yellow) and make tiny stab stitches in the centre to secure the twirls. You could also add a yellow bead (or add more than one bead) in the centre.   







Here is an illustration of the steps to follow for this technique.   Click on the image to enlarge  

Twirled-ribbon-rose-illustration   You are welcome to see how I show this technique on my YouTube channel. ***Have a look at this blog where I show you how to embroider a landscape, step-by-step...    Twirled-ribbon-rose Enjoy!


Love Di



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