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Blog > Twirled Ribbon Rose



Good morning stitching world ♥  
Today I am going to teach you how to make a Twirled Ribbon Rose.






                This is one of the roses that I teach in my new Roses book The twirled ribbon rose is a wonderful technique to use for small roses and buds.       Step 1. Here I am using 7mm silk no. 92 on an 18 chenille needle.   Come up in the centre of the rose…..    




Step 2. …..and gently twist the needle to form a neat tubular shape.





Step 3 … keep twirling the needle until the ribbon forms a neat tube.





Don’t twirl too tight….      
Step 4 …..hold the twirls gently and insert needle back into the fabric…






    Step 5 ….twirl the ribbon with your fingers; hold the twirls…





Step 6 …. Whilst holding the twirled ribbon, pull needle very gently to the back….                               




Step 7 ….until a rose is formed. Pull gently until you are happy with the size of the rose. Pull very softly as you don’t want to pull the ribbon all the way to the back.  






Step 8 Use tiny stab stitches, French knots or beads in the centre to secure the rose.                     



You will learn more about this lovely rose in the various chapters of my new Roses book.  


Have a look here on YouTube for my video clip which may help as a guide.   Enjoy your weekend



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