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Blog > Silk Ribbon Embroidery from Kuala Lumpur

I have this lovely piece to show you from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Valli Sevugan sent me the picture and I asked her to write about herself and the news behind this lovely rendition of our Oranges and Bougainvillea kit.

Valli replied: "

I am Valli Sevugan. I am an Indian residing in Malaysia. I conduct art and embroidery classes here in Kuala Lumpur. Embroidery has always been very close to my heart, and me being a total “flower lover”, ribbon embroidery, especially, has become a passion. From the very first time I saw a ribbon-embroidered picture (while flitting through TV channels on a local tv channel), I was hooked on to it totally.
Today I teach ribbon embroidery. Teaching has given me the joy of working on countless projects. The joy of seeing flowers bloom on fabric, with the dainty silk ribbons, is beyond description!
This picture was done by a student in the class. It's her first time with freestyle embroidery like this. She was so happy when she had achieved the door at the back with a perfect worn-out look... in long and short stitch, with 6-7 shades of threads in her very first class itself!
She, however, did not want to do oranges on the tree.. so we settled for flowers in the same shades. For me, the Irises in front, are a personal favourite! The flowers’ colours and it not blooming anywhere near the place we live in, makes it a fascination!
It was a lovely journey through the picture, and it shows in the output, I believe.
Thank you, Di for making such pretty prints and even prettier ribbons and for continuing to inspire us with your embroidered projects and books.
Lots of love
Valli Sevugan 

Thank you Valli for sharing this with us! Hope to meet you someday!

This is the rendition of the version made for me by the talented Emma Kriegler which is available in kit form. Don't you just love how no one design looks the same as the other?

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