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Blog > Roses, Fuchsias, Hydrangeas and Jasmine in silk ribbon

  Roses, Fuchsias, Hydrangeas and Jasmine in silk ribbon   Hello stitching world! I hope that you are creating beautiful things with your embroidery! I am sorry I have not blogged as often as I could have in the last two months. Things have been rather rough this side of the world. Renn has had an operation on her neck and it is going to take some time for her to recover so I have been helping the staff with the orders and the packaging of the kits and have not had much time for writing or blogging or photography, but I hope that things will be back to normal within a few weeks! I have something gorgeous to inspire you today by the talented Geraldine VIEIRA from NORTON Park in Benoni, South Africa.   Geraldine wrote: “Dear Di, This is from your kit I ordered — had fun and really enjoyed doing it. It is such a good feeling when one completes a task. Keep inspiring all of us embroider folk. Regards Geraldine”   And this is her creation! Don’t you think it is lovely?   Click on the images to enlarge   Gerry Viera  Thank you Geraldine for inspiring us with this beauty. I wrote back to her to ask her to tell me more about her journey with embroidery and Gerry replied:  
"Dear Di,
Thank you for your kind words  on my  latest project – A Vase full of Flowers.
I have your book but also tried things on my own and enjoyed myself doing so,
Yes thanks to you- I received this Kit @7pm as it had been on a tour around JHB, Kempton Park and finally arrived in Benoni!
I would gladly love to share this with others, thank you.
It is good to share and also learn from other people’s ideas.
I have always had a passion for embroidery from about -12years of age
I studied Home Economics in JHB .We learnt many styles of embroidery but never SILK RIBBON.
Embroidery was dropped from the School syllabus as it became too expensive .
I also became so busy with my Teaching /lecturing as well as family .I just never had time for the things that I loved.
Near to retirement I was walking through a shopping centre in Atlasville .
I spotted someone working on your Ribbon& Stump work Embroidery project.
Well, I just could not wait to get back to the little shop to buy the printed Fabric!
Later I realised if I bought the book and new hand dyed threads.-(My old style was to shade the flowers yourself !)
There was a new world of exciting embroidery out there… I was hooked!
I have also completed the project of -The Children looking over the Gate..
In the interim I have developed my Counted Thread Skills in many Styles, with a lady who is also a passionate embroiderer.
When I saw your newsletter with the Vase of Flowers, I just had to go back to my ribbon embroidery again.
Thanks for your never ending inspiration ,
“Embroidery is very therapeutic’-- especially while listening to lovely music!
Geraldine VIEIRA"
   Have a look at her Roses (especially the one lying on the table) and aren't her Fuchsias so life-like you just want to pick them?   Gerry Viera1     I think this is a masterpiece!     Gerry Viera2   This lovely kit is available here and it is an ideal Christmas gift for someone special in your life, or even better... what about one for yourself :) Have a good week and don’t forget to send me photos of your masterpieces to share with everyone! 'Till the next time, Love Di   love
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