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Blog > Marvellous Creations by Anna Moiseenko

Good morning, stitching world ◕‿◕   I have something spectacular to share with you today, by a very talented ribbon embroiderer, Anna Moiseenko (Анна Моисеенко) from Sevastopol - a city on the Black Sea.   Here is her first creation titled, Magnolias in bloom... Isn't it lovely?     Magnolias in bloom   and another masterpiece titled, Autumn Rhapsody... Love the colours!     Autumn Rhapsody   and this is my favourite, titled, Tenderness. Don't you think it's fabulous?   Tenderness   Anna wrote to me about herself...   "My name is Anna Moiseenko. I live in the city of Sevastopol on the Black Sea. I am 40 years old, married and have a son. I love animals and embroidery! I have embroidered with silk ribbons for 10 years and have participated in regional exhibitions."     Thank you, dear Anna, for sharing your wonderful talent with us! I am so happy to share your beautiful creations with the embroidery world.    Until next time, have a good weekend!   Love Di  
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