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Blog > Luscious strawberries in stumpwork....

  Good morning ◕‿◕   Today I have a gorgeous piece by Elza Bester DeJager of Cape Town…     Elza has a wonderful friend — the well-known artist: Roby (Roberta) Baer who lives in Redding, California, about 400km north of San Francisco, and she painted the strawberries….   Click on the images to enlarge ...       Roby’s strawberries were printed onto two panels of cotton fabric — one panel to use for the main design, the other to make the stumpwork shapes with.         Elza decided that the strawberry and leaf in the front as well as three petals of the blossom would be excellent for stumpwork. Roby's paintings are so detailed and this makes them so easy to embroider....        Instead of the traditional stumpwork with the wire on top of the embroidery piece, Elza used the same method I describe it in my book "Flower Fairies™" for the wings of the Red Clover and Stork's-Bill fairies.   The only thing she did differently was: after cutting the embroidered pieces out, she left a 2mm space around the shape. This space was used as a hem which she folded and tacked to the back with tiny stitches. Elza then stitched a piece of felt onto the back to give it more body...       She filled the outline of the strawberry and leaf on the main design with a charcoal thread to give the illusion of a shadow before she attached the stumpwork pieces.         The threads she used were a single thread of stranded cotton: Anchor and DMC Madeira sewing embroidery thread no 40.   For the French knots Elza used two strands of thread.   Elza said “Don’t ask me how many colours I used — I did not keep track, but I used plenty. Luckily over the years I have built up a nice stash of thread :)   “The stitches I used were mostly long and short stitch, French knots, straight and satin stitch and stem stitch. For the dew drops I used no11 iridescent seed beads...       The actual size of the piece measures 18cm x13cm (7"x5")   THANK YOU Elza and Roby for sharing your wonderful art with us — too beautiful for words…        A true artist..       Enjoy the rest of your week everyone Love   Di
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