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Blog > Lovely ribbon embroidery from Sri Lanka

  ♬❤♬ Hi stitching world, I want to show you some gorgeous pieces by Pradeepa Sandamali from Sri Lanka. Don’t you just love her ribbon embroidery?      Pradeepa2   Pradeepa is 31 years old and she looks after the home. She has a degree in art but, most of all, she loves embroidery. She first came upon ribbon embroidery when she was in her 20’s. She saw a landscape scene that I had done and fell in love with ribbon embroidery. Don’t you like the way she has used it so successfully on these garments?     Pradeepa1   And look at how she made the hat and the bucket and the fence pole in the picture. Love it!     Pradeepa3   and look at this lovely piece...     Pradeepa4     Thank you, Pradeepa for sharing your talent with us! Hope everyone is having a good day today   If you are on Instagram, I would love to meet you there        
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