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Blog > Jacqui O’ Connell’s JK3 Roses Fuchsias hydrangeas & Jasmine

  Hello Stitching World ◕‿◕  Today I have a lovely piece to show you .... Jacqui O'Connell JK3 Roses, Fuchsias, hydrangeas & Jasmine that will surely inspire you today.     Click on the image to enlarge   #3 Roses Fuchsias Hydrangeas & Jasmine     Jacqui is a very talented teacher and stockist from her studio: Ribbon Room in Randburg, Johannesburg and she kindly wrote a list of what she used to create this lovely piece.   The Fuchsias and the Hydrangea...   Close-up-by-Jacqui     and the Rose and Jasmine...     Close-up-JK3-by-Jacqui--Connell     You can purchase the A4 size panel (the same size that Jacqui used) here.   List of Materials Required:   Di van Niekerk’s Silk Ribbons: 4 mm ribbon - #131, #142 7 mm ribbon - #38, #81, #88, #103, #138, #143 13 mm ribbon - #108 32 mm ribbon – #108,   Di van Niekerk’s Organza Ribbon: 15 mm ribbon - #108   DMC Threads: six-strand cotton thread   #370, #420, #520, #642, #928, #3022, #3032, #3363, #3364, #3687   Other:
  • Invisible Thread
  • Fray Check
  • Pink Cake Decorating Stamens
  • Felt Material
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter Glue in Mother of Pearl colour
  • Madeira Metallic thread #300 or any white metallic thread.
   Method:   Leaves and Stems
  • Ribbon leaves:
Use 7 mm silk ribbon #143 and 13 mm silk ribbon #140 and make Ribbon Stitches. Secure with DMC #642 thread.  
  • Stems: With a combination of DMC thread #3032, #520, #3022, make the stems in Stem Stitch.
  • Make the brown stems in the same way, but use 4 mm silk ribbon #131.
  Leaves (Stumpwork):
  • DMC Threads combination: #3022, #928, #3364, #3363, #520, #420, #370
  Small Leaves (Jasmine):
  • Do in 4 mm silk ribbon # 142 in combination of ribbon stitch and Lazy Daisy stitches.
2 x Green Stems below Purple Violets:
  • 2 mm Silk Ribbon #17
  Jasmine Flowers:
  • 7 mm Silk Ribbon #103 in ribbon stitches with centre in DMC thread #3687
  Jasmine on Table:
  • 7 mm Silk Ribbon #103 in ribbon stitch
  • Long petals and buds: 7 mm Silk Ribbon #138
  • Trumpets: 15 mm Organza ribbon #108 with gathered stitch
  • Pink stamens in centre to be secured with invisible thread.
  Two open Roses:
  • 32 mm Silk Ribbon #108 centres folded with loose petals secured with Fray Check and rolled with Glue Stick.
  • Attach all with DMC thread #3687
  Rosebud on Table (Left):
  • 32 mm Silk Ribbon #108 folded centre with loose leaves attached as for open roses 
Rosebuds (Closed Left):
  • Large bud: Felt covered with 13 mm silk ribbon #108.
  • Two smaller buds: 7 mm Silk Ribbon #38
  Glass Vase:
  • Outline with Madeira Metallic thread #300 and add horizontal lines on the vase.
  • Enhance the above with Glitter Glue in Mother of Pearl colour.
  I hope you enjoyed seeing this lovely piece and thank you, dear Jacqui, for sharing your talent with all of us. Have a good Monday!   Love Di   Heartb   PS.  This beautiful design, painted by Jill Kirstein and embroidered by Emma Kriegler, is also available in the larger (A3) size in kit-form. You are welcome to read more about it here.      
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