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Blog > How to Make White Roses Using a French Knot Technique


French Knot Roses

See the white rose arch above the gate in this picture?
These are French Knot Roses from our Lady in Red project/kit
They are easy to make with stunning results and I will show you how on to this page.
In Karen's instructions, she wrote:

White Rose Bush

Make the French knot roses in Di van Niekerk's silk ribbon: 2mm and 4mm white (103) ribbon. Add a few larger roses in 7mm (103) ribbon.
Add leaves in 4mm (23) and (33) in loose/puffed Ribbon stitch. Push the ribbon up to form a loop before piercing it to take your needle to the back.
  The smaller leaves (towards the top) are made in the same way in 2mm ribbon (33).
Complete the bush with loose French knots in different shades of green cotton thread. Add some blue and green knots above the bush. Wrap the thread two or three times around your needle.
You could also make a few turkey stitches in the same thread for a fluffy effect between the leaves and roses. 
Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and happy stitching!

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1 comment

  • cheryl anne

    Love, love, love your scenes with flowers. Best work I have ever seen in ribbons. thank you for sharing. Your work is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing tips as well. I just started learning how to make flowers using silk ribbon. I have wanted to for over a year and finally got the get up and go to try it. Some day i hope to make a nice scene of flowers. But for now i plan to study and practice. thank you again have a blessed week, cheryl anne

    Nov 06, 2023 at 17:20

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