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Blog > How to make a little nest….

  How to make a cute little nest..   Hello ♫♬♪ – can you believe it is weekend again.   Last week I taught you how to use woolly fibre for a little bird and I promised to show you how to make the little nest :)    Note:  This tutorial is from chapter 13 in my new Roses book... page 131.      Click on the image to enlarge the panel       You will need:   Threads: Rajmahal Art. Silk   311 Fresco oil 226 Gothic Grey   Needle:    A size 10 embroidery/crewel needle   Other   Hand-painted raffia for the birds nest. One or two little grey or brown feathers – a good excuse to go for a walk to find some feathers :) Three oval or round glass beads: blue, cream or white.
    Method   * Use one strand of thread – separate one strand from the six and make a knot at the long end.        1. Thread up with grey thread and make a few French knots to form the base of the nest. Wrap thread two or three times around your needle.   Click on the images to enlarge    
    2. Couch a feather in the centre of the nest.        Add a second feather, if you like. Bring needle and thread to top of work: place aside to use in the next step.         3. Split a piece of raffia into thin strips which are about 10cm (4”) long. Couch in place with brown thread.          Space couching stitches quite far apart —stitch only where the raffia requires shaping.   Use a gentle tension as you stitch to build layers which overlap one another…         ….twirl raffia round and round, overlapping the previous layer. Add a second piece, and a third or fourth piece, building the nest around the feathers.         4.  Use the same brown thread and secure a bead on the nest. Use two or three stitches to secure it in place.         Repeat: add two more beads and end off at the back. Re-thread, making a knot at the long end.         5. Couch more raffia pieces, as you did before, twirling them around to form the nest. Remember to use a gentle tension and to stitch only where necessary. End off at the back.       Don’t you think this is a cute little nest?       I hope you will find this technique useful in one of your projects...     There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man            than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.       Robert Lynd —The Blue Lion and Other Essays     I hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)   Next time I will show you how to make  Dapple Dawn Roses …           To be notified by e mail when I add to my blog, you are welcome to join up here   Happy weekend :)) Love   Di  ♥  
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