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Blog > How to Make a Cute Button with Felt and Silk Ribbons

Hi, stitching world! What are you busy making this weekend?
Here is a button that I covered with handmade felt (but you could cover it with a linen or cotton fabric instead) and then embellish it with stitches. You can use cotton or silk thread or, like I did, use 2 and 4mm silk ribbons.

Make a spider-web rose. Have a look on my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJGHYBln8fT/  for the IGTV clips.
You can create a bud with a Fly stitch rose by making fly stitches close together as in the picture. Add some golden yellow French knots in the centre for the stamens.
The leaves are formed with detached chain /lazy daisy stitch. Use colourful threads to add texture between the roses in straight and fly stitch and add some tiny beads for a bit of sparkle.

Hint: when embroidering on a covered button, start the stitch and leave a 10 cm (4”) tail. To end off, make small stitches along the edge of the button which will also add an interesting texture. Do the same with the tail of the ribbon or thread by re-threading and stitching with it.
Enjoy your weekend, I’m going hiking tomorrow and really looking forward to wide-open spaces after all the rain and wind that we have had. Cabin Fever!
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