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Blog > Folded ribbon roses from Georgia

    Folded ribbon roses...     Hello stitching world     On this beautiful Monday, I have a lovely piece to show you — Roses by Keti Navrozashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia in the Caucasus region of Eurasia….     Keti wrote to me  “My name is Keti; I am 37 years old from Georgia (a country). It is not a long time since Ribbon embroidery became by hobby and great part of the inspiration comes from your online video lessons and blog that I follow regularly. After seeing some of your online lessons I decided to try my abilities in ribbon embroidery...."           I love your roses Keti            Here Keti has made folded ribbon roses and she used ribbon stitch for the leaves.         Loose/puffed ribbon stitches  formed the white petals and leaves... The daises are made in the same way...or use loose puffed straight stitch.  Work over a spare tapestry needle so the stitches are raised off the surface of the design.           The stems are made in  twisted straight stitch or whipped back stitch ...           and the small rose buds in padded straight stitch.         Thank you Keti for sharing with all of us....      ... and have a great week everybody       


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