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  Our stockist in China. Hong Kong.   Annisa Lam - Dancing Needles   Contact phone no. (852) 90198123 Dancing Needles  runs "Di Van Niekerk Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork Certificate course", regular Flower Fairies workshops, Mixed form embroidery course   Course co-ordinator, supervisor & tutor: Annisa Lam (experienced embroidery tutor)   Click on images to enlarge                         Annisa Lam is a gifted embroiderer and teacher and after many years of experience in this field, Annisa deserves the high regard that her students and customers have of her and the courses that she offers from her shop and studio.   She opened her first shop in 2004, and has just moved into her new premises in Hanely House, 776-778 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong and I wish her much success in the future.                     Her students are creating exquisite work and it is always rewarding to see what they make on Annisa’s courses. Her workshops are highly recommended for all the lucky embroiderers who are living in, or visiting Hong Kong.                             Annisa Lam – Dancing Needles, also stocks my full range of silk and organza ribbons, my books and the printed panels for ribbon embroidery and stumpwork.                             Annisa’s details: Annisa Lam - Dancing Needles Unit 06, 2/F Hanley House No 776-778 Nathan Road, Kln Hong Kong Tel: (852) 24964260 Contact number: (852) 90198123 Phone/Fax (852) 24964260 e-mail: Website Blog Facebook                           About the courses that Annisa offers:   The Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork Certificate course is structured by Annisa Lam & Di Van Niekerk. This is the first embroidery certificate course in Hong Kong. The aim of this course is to equip students with skills in various aspects of ribbon embroidery & stumpwork and to create a sense of achievement to participants. Di Van Niekerk’s printed designs & silk and organza ribbons will be used on all projects throughout the course. In addition to the Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork Certificate course, workshops for the Flower Fairies range of designs are held on regular basis by Annisa Lam of Dancing Needles. The Flower Fairies printed panel are supplied by Di Van Niekerk. Please visit her website for course information. Course tutor – Annisa Lam Blog                      
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