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Blog > Beautiful embroidery from St Petersburg, Russia

  Greetings from St. Petersburg in Russia :)   I am spending time with embroiderers from St. Petersburg today and I thought you would like to see some beautiful pieces by two very gifted stitchers: Valentina Razenkova and Olga Smirnova.   I spent the day with Valentina yesterday and with my very special friend and stockist, Marina Zherdeva, who travelled through from Moscow. It was a very special day for me in this beautiful city. Last night, I was taken to the Russian ballet To see  Giselle What a special honour it was! I was in a dreamworld...   Valentina's embroidery is out of this world she is enormously talented and here is one of her masterpieces. Valentina embroiders onto sheer organza and you will see what I mean when I say "out of this world"   Click on image to enlarge       and close-up detail         Don't you just love the colours and the design? At the end of this letter, you will see two more beautiful works by Valentina, which I have been fortunate to purchase to take home to show the embroiders in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Kyiv next year!   Thank you Valentina for everything you and the embroiderers in St Petersburg, have done for me to make my stay with you so special. Thank you Rita for the time we spent in your lovely kitchen and for the delicious food!   ‎~ ♥ ~     I think you will also love Olga Smirnova's pieces. Two of these are from my Dreamscapes series and I just love what she has done with theWH2007 design...         ... and close-up detail. Don't you think that the leather pots add a fabulous texture in her design?         and the Ballerina from the Dreamscapes series is one of my favourite designs ....         Close-up detail...         and this lovely piece will surely brighten up your day :)       Olga made a delicious pudding - I will ask her for the recipe as it is something you must taste.... and her lovely husband carried the potato salad all the way from their home in St. Petersburg and brought it to us in Rita's kitchen. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed seeing embroideries from St Petersburg. I will tell you more about this (and a very special cat) when I am back in Cape Town. We leave for Moscow on the bullet train shortly, and tomorrow night we start on our long trip home.    Enjoy your weekend, stitching world   Love   Di   ‎~ ♥  ~ More masterpieces by Valentina Razenkova to brighten up your weekend :))       20121019-112157.jpg 20121019-112420.jpg
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