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Blog > A Girl with a Horse by Ajitha Joseph

Hi, stitching world! I hope you are all having a good week. Today I have something lovely to show you by Ajitha Joseph from Bangalore in India.
It's from our popular Girl with a Horse kit and she has done us proud! I love her rendition

I love the simplicity of this design.
I asked Ajitha to write a little about her embroidery journey and this is her reply:

"My journey with ribbon embroidery really happened accidentally...

...I saw a piece in a friend's house and then I discovered Di's website.   Ever since then I have just completely fallen in love with the ribbons and the magic they can create with the various shades, techniques and threads.  More than anything else, it has given me a sense of purpose and joy while I embroider...

...to be occupied doing something meaningful...

...it has turned me into a lifetime fan of this craft.

Thank you, Di for sharing your gift with others!

Kind regards,


Thank you Ajitha for sharing your beauty with all of us! Have a look at my Instagram page for more inspirational pieces.
Until next time, happy stitching!

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