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Blog > A Favour

    A Favour   Good morning ♫♬♪♫♬   I just love the simplicity of this design.   Here, silk ribbon embroidery was used for the roses, the rose leaves and the green railing.         Simple stitches were used to embellish her dress and her hair was made by stitching it with locks of doll's hair used for porcelain doll-making.   It is such a lovely project :))   I will show you how in the close-up pictures that follow.   Enjoy! Click on the image to enlarge                           1. Use a strand of any fine white thread (such as machine embroidery cotton, or Rajmahal Art Silk) to form the detail on her dress.   Click on the image to enlarge                         2. Embroider the solid lines in stem stitch – make two rows alongside each other to form a thicker line.   Form the round dots with a French knot. Make some flower petals in straight stitch, others in pistil stitch, working from the centre outwards.   Form the edge of the scalloped lacy hem in straight stitch, varying the length and the gap between the stitches....   Click on the image to enlarge                         3. Here, single-knotted stitch was used for the lacy neckline – see single-knotted stitch in the stitch gallery.   Use blanket stitch for the sleeve cuff and stem and straight stitch for the creases on the sleeve. Do the same for edge of the sleeves.   Change to one strand of a peach-coloured thread and use long and short stitch to form the belt. Use a gentle tension whilst you stitch. Make the knot of the belt with the pink (no. 114) silk ribbon and use straight stitch.   Make French knots to form the detail of the sand dunes in the background.   Embroider the rose in her hand with the pink silk ribbon and use ribbon stitch, working from the centre outwards. Stitch over a spare tapestry needle to form petals that are raised off the surface of the design. The green stem is made in twisted straight stitch and the leaves in straight or ribbon stitch.... Click on the image to enlarge                       4. The hair: Thread up with a few strands of the doll’s hair and working from the outer edges up towards her bun, make long locks of hair alongside each other. Use invisible thread to secure the locks in place with tiny stab stitches.   Wind the locks of hair to form the bun, as you would with your own hair. Use a gentle tension and secure the bun in place as before.   Change to the pink 4mm no. 114 silk ribbon and form the bow with French knots and the tails with a straight stitch. Use a gentle tension for the tails and twist the ribbon once or twice before inserting the needle to the back of your work.     Click on the image to enlarge                         Hope you enjoyed this little lesson!   If you would like to embroider this design, have a look here for more information   Enjoy your day Love Di
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