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Blog > A christening gown from Sweden....

Good morning, Good Morning, Goeie more, HOWDY, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, 
Guten Morgen, Selamat Pagi, Buenos Dias, God Morgen, Dobroye utro, 
Boker tov, kunjhani, Buenos Días, Wilujeng Enjing, Günaydin, Umhlala gahle, 
Bom Dia, добро утр-dobro utro,  Dobro jutro, G 'day, 
Góðan daginn, בוקר טוב!!!, Hyvää huomenta, Dzień Dobry, 
Sugeng Enjing, Cao An, Ohayo Gozaimasu,  
Labas Rytas,  Bună Dimineaţa, ДОБЪР ДЕН, sanibonani, sugeng dalu  :))


I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend!


Today I have a gorgeous christening gown to show you.

Made by Kristina of  C R E A T I V E  E M B R O I D E R Y  O F  S W E D E N, 

I think this will inspire you today!



I love the fabric that she used and the colours of the roses complements it so beautifully.


Here are some close-ups of Kristina’s gorgeous roses.









If you would like to contact Kristina for classes and for my ribbons, books etc. here are her details:




C R E A T I V E  E M B R O I D E R Y  O F  S W E D E N


Vägen söderut 77


941 65 Piteå, Sweden


+46 911-129 93 or +46 70-514 81 91




Have a great weekend







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