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Blog > The Power of Finding Beauty in the Humblest of Things - KIT


The power of finding beauty in the humblest of things - KIT

  ♫♫♫  A lovely new kit is available and it is perfect for making a gift for a best friend or special family member or occasion!     I just love this Inspirational Quote by Louisa May Alcott: "The power of finding BEAUTY in the humblest things makes home HAPPY and life LOVELY." and thought you would enjoy embroidering a lovely piece with silk ribbon.   It's an easy project and Carol Carl who embroidered this lovely piece has written the notes for you to follow. The kit includes the notes, the panel, all the ribbons, threads and the needles.    Click on the image to enlarge   The power of finding     And more detail… click on the image to enlarge…   THE-Power-of-finding-Beauty     And more close-up detail…    close-up-3     and   close-up-2     and   close-up-1     Don’t you just love the little butterflies?   The kit includes the following:   - 7 packets of Di van Niekerk's silk ribbons - 5 skeins of cotton thread - 2 Perle threads on a card - 2 metallic threads on a card - Black and pale pink or cream beads - the embroidery panel printed in full colour as shown below... The size of the image is approximately 14 x 14 cm (5 ½" x 5 ½") printed on a larger pure cotton or linen cloth. -the butterflies which are printed on a separate block of fabric for stumpwork. * This is optional and will include them in the kit in case you would like to make them raised off the surface of the design. -stumpwork wire for the butterfly wings in case you will be doing the stumpwork. If you prefer not to do any stumpwork, you can embroider the wings directly on the main design.  - Needles:   embroidery size 5/9 - 1 packet  chenille size 18/24 - 1 packet  tapestry size 13 x 1 needle   This is the image printed on to the fabric.    Beautiful watercolor card with anemon, iris and hydrangea flowers. Wedding card.   Enjoy!    
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