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Blog > Beautiful Ribbonwork by Ilona Tsvigun from Kyiv

I saw Илона Цвигун (Ilona Tsvigun’s) beautiful work and asked her to tell us a little about herself and her journey in embroidery. Ilona (who is from Kyiv in the Ukraine) wrote:

War has turned our world upside down, destroyed our ordinary lives, and disrupted the balance. But the beauty of nature helps to distract from the horrors of war, to feel that life goes on! By transferring the enchanting world of flowers onto fabric, I slowly try to piece together the shattered world, like a puzzle, flower by flower. By conveying the beauty of nature, the extraordinary beauty of flowers, to the world around me, I strive to inspire others.


Enchanting landscapes and delicate flowers are a constant source of inspiration for my work. I strive to capture their essence and convey it in vibrant compositions that evoke a sense of peace, joy, and a deep connection to nature. My hope is that those who encounter my work also feel a similar sense of wonder at the surrounding world where beauty knows no boundaries.


Finally, my art is an extension of myself. It reflects the unsaid words, hidden dreams, and sincerest intentions. Through ribbon embroidery, I invite the world to peek into the most enchanting world that art can create!


I had tears in my eyes after reading this, and I remembered other occasions when I was told how therapeutic embroidery really is for so many of us who are facing difficulties right now.


Here is one of Ilona’s exquisite pieces. Look at the beauty!



and here is another one...



I asked her about her journey in Ribbon Embroidery and she replied:

I have been embroidering with ribbons for over ten years. Your books were my favourite companions that helped me better master this wonderful embroidery technique. They helped me understand the advantages of this beautiful embroidery technique. I adore flowers, so the opportunity to convey their beauty and perfection has always inspired me. And what material could be better than silk? Tender, delicate, flowing—it best conveys the unmatched beauty of flowers!




I asked whether any of her works were for sale, and she replied:

Selling my works in different countries around the world has been a grateful experience. It's amazing to see how people from different cultures, when they encounter my works, find something of their own in them, something that touches their soul. It is a wonderful opportunity to share my impressions, my perception of beauty with the world.”


Ilona added, “I always strive to collaborate with like-minded individuals, sharing new ideas of ribbon embroidery and creating something unique together.


I really like this statement as so many embroiderers across the world share their knowledge and beauty, it makes the world a beautiful place to be.


Thank you, Ilona for your beauty and for sharing your talent with all of us. I will show more of your beautiful pieces in the months to come.

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Have a lovely weekend stitching world, and wherever you are, thank you for adding beauty to all our lives.



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