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Blog > A little Fairy....

  Good afternoon Stitching World ♪ …hope you are having a good day      Today I thought I would show you how to make a little girl’s hair and a lovely flower garland.       This example is from the little girl fairy in the Black Medick Fairies design from my Flower Fairy ™ book   Embroider the hair   With two strands of medium brown silk thread work over a spare tapestry needle in straight stitch. Use a very loose tension for a natural effect.      Click on the images to enlarge                       Work between the stitches and do keep going back, inserting the needle between the stitches for a smooth finish.   Change to darker brown thread and add more locks of hair.   Lift the stitches up off the surface of the design with a spare tapestry needle to form looser curls.                       To form the curls at her ear, hold the thread as you form the stitch so that it curls towards her cheek.   If necessary, use one strand of matching thread (on a separate needle) and a make a tiny stab stitch to position the curved stitch on the design.   Work over previous stitches to form a soft layer of curls. Lift the stitches every now and then with the spare tapestry needle.                                         Curve the stitches in place with your fingertip.                       Lift the stitches as you did before.                       Keep going back between the previous stitches. Be careful not to split the threads and alternate between medium and dark brown thread for natural highlights. Or use one strand of each colour on the same needle.                       Work towards the nape of her neck. Stitch over the spare needle to form soft, raised curls. Make the stitches a little shorter as you reach the end of her hair.                       Repeat for the other side of her parting. Make long, slanted straight stitches.                        Lift all the curls with the tapestry needle.                                           …and Voila!                          Make the garland      Form the garland stem with green 7mm silk ribbon   and twist the needle so that the ribbon   forms a thin stem.   Insert needle back into the fabric.                       Still holding the needle at the back of your work (so that the ribbon does not unwind) gently lift the coiled ribbon to fit loosely on her head.     Cut the ribbon at the back, leaving a small tail in case you need to change the position of the stem while you stitch.   Use green thread to secure the stem with tiny stab stitches. End off at the back, securing the tail.                     Make the yellow flowers     The little yellow flowers are made separately, cut out and applied onto the hair.     Trace four flower shapes (about 1cm or 3/8 inch in diameter) onto a block of fine cotton lawn or interfacing. Place the fabric in a hoop.     Use 4mm yellow ribbon and loop stitch to form the petals.                       Work over a spare tapestry needle and secure each loop with brown thread by stitching along the base of the loops.                        Use the same thread and make tiny stem stitches along the edge of the shape.   You could also use tiny split stitches.                     Hold the loops out of the way as you stitch around the outline.                        Cut out the shape, leaving a small seam. Once you are holding the flower in your hand, cut it out neatly along the stitched edge. Hold the petals out of the way as you cut.                       Secure the yellow flowers on top of her hair. Use brown thread and tiny stab stitches. Work through all the layers with a gentle tension so as not to flatten her hair.                                                 Hope you will find this technique useful for one of your projects!     To find out more about this lovely Fairy, you are welcome to have a look at the Fairy book here Enjoy the rest of this lovely Tuesday – or what’s left of it!   Love   Di ♥  
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