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Blog > Two beautiful roses from India

  Hello everybody, I have two beautiful roses to help brighten up your weekend! I recently received this mail from India:   Hello Di Inspired by your Roses book, this is what I made. Just wanted to share with you. Love Dr Gurpreet Kaur. India.     Click on the images to enlarge   2- A Rose and a Butterfly by Dr Gurpreet Kaur from India   So I asked Dr Gurpreet to tell me more about herself and this was her reply:     “Dear Di,   A very good morning. I am an ex-army doctor. I have worked for last 16 years in the field of medicine.  Of late, seeing the pain of the patients started to make me feel depressed. Needle craft had always fascinated me. 2-3 years back while I was working part time, I started surfing the net when I came across your amazing creations and I started delving in to them.    Finally, I got hold of your ROSES book from Amazon and since I did not have access to your ribbons in India and due to cost restraints of importing, I decided to give a try with Chinese silk cloth and the results are quite satisfactory.   And now I am full time into art and craft doing stump work, petit point, needlepoint and surface embroidery in thread painting. All this keeps my spirits elated.    It will be very kind of you to share my work on your blog.    I admire your work. All your projects are a visual treat and I look forward to the new projects.  Kindest regards,   Dr Gurpreet”   I hope you will enjoy seeing her lovely Roses!   1- A Rose and a Butterfly by Dr Gurpreet Kaur from India   and close-up detail....   1B- A Rose and a Butterfly by Dr Gurpreet Kaur from India   and I love this one!   2B- A Rose and a Butterfly by Dr Gurpreet Kaur from India   I hope you enjoyed her roses and thank you, Dr Gurpreet, for sharing your talent and experience with all of us. Have a good weekend stitching world! Love  Di love
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