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Blog > Superb ribbon embroidery by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse in France

  G’Day, stitching world ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬♪   Oh but I have a beauty for you today! A gorgeous piece by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, which is in Bouches-du-Rhône in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France.   Click on the images to enlarge      1 by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, France    Irresistible Irises and Spring flowers! Don't you just love them?     Sonia (Cоня Кленицка) wrote to me: “Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming an artist, but fate decreed otherwise, I married early and have three children! All of them have families now and are living in their own homes. About a year ago, I decided to take up embroidery. By chance, I had seen a video clip on YouTube with dimensional embroidered ribbons and I was enthralled by it. I decided that I would love to do it and this is how it all started! To my delight, I found I could do it and I started buying ribbons, needles, cloth and began to embroider like crazy! At night I think about how to make the stitches so that they turn out beautifully. When embroidering, I do not hurry, I think about every blade of grass on each petal, because I want to embroidery looked like real flowers and herbs! Dear Di I'm happy that I can touch the beauty in ribbons, get acquainted and become friends, despite the enormous distance….   I'm happy!!”     2 by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, France     See how Sonia used simple stitches to create dimension and beauty?   For the Irises she used ribbon stitch, making them loose and puffed.   To form loose, puffed leaves, work over a spare tapestry needle (or similar object).  Work with a gentle tension so that the stitches are raised off the surface of the fabric.       3 by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, France     Sonia used simple stitches for the pink petals too.... straight stitch for some petals and ribbon stitch for others.   To form long, narrow petals or leaves, use twisted straight stitch, twisting the needle (once or twice) before inserting it back into the fabric.      Yellow stamens       For the yellow stamens in the centre of the white and pink daisies, use French knots, wrapping the thread once or twice around your needle.       Hint: See how Sonia has used varying shades of yellow to create shadow and light?  To form loose, frilly knots, be sure not to tighten the wraps around the needle before taking it to the back of your work.   She also used Single-knotted stitch to create the fluffy yellow texture in the centre of the daisies.   Don't you love the way she has used brown and white organza ribbon for the one petal of the white and orange Iris buds?     4 by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, France   For the fine green leaves and foliage in the background, use one strand of Rayon or silk thread to add a lovely sheen.   Make straight stitches, for the straight leaves and use detached chain stitch for the tear-drop shapes. For the tiny rounded leaves use pistil stitch or French knots, wrapping thread once around your needle.       Thank you, dear Sonia, for sharing your awesome talent with all of us.   I have indicated on the photos below which stitches Sonia used in her masterpiece.   Hope you enjoy learning just how easy it is to create beauty with silk and organza ribbon!     Click on images to enlarge   The Masterpiece  by Sonia Canlay from La Bouilladisse, France      For more information about making Irises, you are welcome to click here Remember you can contact us with any questions or for advice on which kit is the best choice for you.    Have a good week everybody and happy stitching!   Love Di
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