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Blog > Ribbon Embroidery Masterpieces by Ludmila from Chisinau, Moldova

  Good morning everybody :-) Today I have something really special to brighten up your day and hopefully your week too..... exquisite masterpieces by Ludmila from Chisinau in Moldova.   Click on the image to enlarge    A masterpiece by LiudmilAA from Chisinau Moldova     Don’t you just love her roses??   This is what her daughter, Adriana, wrote to me about her mum …   Her name is Ludmila. She lives in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova. She currently works at the Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova. Her passion for ribbon embroidery roots in her innate love for nature, especially for flowers. As a self-learner my mom started ribbon embroidery about 3 years ago by acquiring different embroidering technics and principals of flowers composition. Apart from the technical site though, her works are hand-made basing on the direct observation from nature.  She thinks nature is the best source of tips which can help the creator to get really high-quality embroideries.”      Here is a close-up of her beautiful work….      2 by LiudmilAA from Chisinau Moldova     Adriana wrote: “Most of my mom’s works are made in the memory of her mother, whose name was Ana. Her embroideries are a form of expressing love and gratitude to her mother who was a really special, incredibly strong and good-hearted woman. Here is the explanation why my mom’s series of ribbon embroideries is called “LiudmilAA – soul ribbons”: Ludmila is the name of my mom, “A” – means the name of my grandmother – Ana, whereas another “A” meaning my name – Adriana. This triangle of names shows the strong relationship between these three women and implies the message of love that the creator sends to her mother and daughter by means of embroideries created with much soul.”           Click on the image to enlarge    3 by LiudmilAA from Chisinau Moldova   I asked Adriana to write about herself too as I thought it was wonderful how she showcased her mum’s work for everyone to see and to learn from...   Adriana wrote: “I live in Chisinau too. I got my bachelor in international relations and I currently work as project co-ordinator in a Non-Governmental Organization located in Chisinau. One of my prior goals currently is to help my mom to promote her works as much as possible. I do it not only because she is my mom but also because I consider her one of the most gifted persons I’ve ever met. She deserves all the appreciation and I truly believe that her creations can make this world better.”         4 by LiudmilAA from Chisinau Moldova   I love that!   I hope you enjoyed seeing all these gorgeous flowers…. may they inspire you to create your own masterpieces. Have a super day stitching world! Until next time Be safe Love Di
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