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Blog > Olive the Owl

  Good Morning, Goeie more, HOWDY, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Selamat Pagi, Buenos Dias, God Morgen, Dobroye utro, Boker tov, kunjhani, Buenos Días, Wilujeng Enjing, Günaydin, Umhlala gahle, Bom Dia, добро утр-dobro utro,  Dobro jutro, G 'day, Góðan daginn, בוקר טוב!!!, Hyvää huomenta, Dzień Dobry, Sugeng Enjing, Cao An, Ohayo Gozaimasu,  Labas Rytas,  Bună Dimineaţa, ДОБЪР ДЕН, sanibonani, sugeng dalu, Marhaba, Salutari, Tere hommikust!  :-))   I thought you would enjoy seeing OLIVE    Click on the image to enlarge     Doesn’t he make you smile?   Here is another view of Olive...   Click on the image to enlarge     I used 7mm no. 90 silk ribbon for the wings and added bits of silky fibre for a feathery effect. I used green silk organza fabric for the leaves and outlined the edges in back stitch. The branch was made with bamboo yarn, which I twirled to form the texture.   The music notes and detail on Olive: I used Rajmahal and DMC thread and stem, back and straight stitch.   Close-up detail … Click on the image to enlarge     I really did enjoy this project!   Remember that OLIVE is also eligible for the international Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition 2012   I have almost completed “keep a green tree in your heart” and will share her with you in the weeks to come...  
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      Take care and enjoy the rest of your day. It’s freezing cold in Cape Town… real embroidery weather :)     Love   Di  
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