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Olga's beautiful roses

Hello, Stitching world! I have this unbelievably beautiful piece to share with you, embroidered by the talented @oliga.di on Instagram or Olga Basailov on Facebook
Here is Olga's rendition of these beautiful roses, don't you think they are stunning? I love the way she made the basket too!
This design is by Tatiana Popova from Kyiv in Ukraine. I met Tatiana when I visited her beautiful city and was so impressed with her talent! She is an extremely talented artist and I love her Jacobean embroidery too. Her website is to be found here.

I asked Olga to write a little about  herself and this is her reply:
Dear Di,

My name is Olga and I live in Israel.

I am a doctor, a loving wife, and a mom of two adorable boys.

My passion for embroidery techniques started around one year ago when the pandemic pounced on us all and we were supposed to spend our time in isolation.

I discovered for myself a new hobby which was ribbon embroidery.

I felt in love with this type of embroidery and from that time on when I have any free time (which is a luxury for me with kids in the house and housework :)) ) I either embroider or find inspiration by observing the nature around me.

That’s the story of how I got along with my new hobby :)

Thank you, Di for your appreciation!

With kind regards,


Here is another view of her gorgeous piece. Thank you, Olga!

Happy weekend everybody



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