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Blog > November 2011

Di van Niekerk's Newsletter

November 2011

Greetings from a beautiful sunny Cape Town — I love this time of the year when all the little plants and creatures are waking up for summer. Everything is so fresh and green and I can't wait for summer and the holidays... I am sure you can't either!

At this time of the year we ask ourselves: when will I get everything done, why is it so busy? I know why we are busy — so many new projects have been launched, just in time for you to choose your favourite one for the holidays! I don't know about you, but nothing beats a bit of peace and quiet, embroidering a flower or tree... it makes life so worthwhile!

Click on the image to enlarge

What's new?

Many of you have asked for these much-loved landscapes:



...and I have re-licensed these for you just in time for the holidays. We have also packed kits to save you time: if you click on the pictures you will find out all about them. I have also added the lists of what Emma Kriegler used in these gorgeous landscapes for you to source from your nearest stockist.

We have many dedicated and experienced stockists and teachers all over the world who are willing to help wherever they can and we have added new stockists to the list.

Hint: Have a look here on my blog for close-up photographs Hint:and hints and tips on how to embroider Shades of Summer and Tranquil Waters.

What else is new?

I was asked to pack starter/sampler packs of ribbons for those who wish to stock up on the popular colours. Read more about the ribbon starter packs and the colour ranges here.

♫♬♪♫ These starter packs are perfect gifts for an embroidery friend or family member!

Don't forget that we have relaunched the following best-sellers too:

And the beautiful

All of these are fabulous holiday projects and they make the best gifts too.


Share and learn...

I received this gorgeous photo from the talented Elza Bester DeJager who lives in Cape Town…Strawberries to die for!

Read more about how she made this beautiful piece on my blog here.

Click here to enlarge

Don't you think this rose is magnificent? Embroidered by Инесса Тимонина (Inessa Timonina) from Moscow, Russia.

I have added her amazing peacock on my Facebook page.
Click and scroll down to find her blue Peacock...

What do you think of the tail — don't you think it's remarkable?

I have more of Inessa's and other stunning designs to show you in the weeks to come. Subscribe and receive e-mail updates when I post their pictures on my blog.

Click on the image to enlarge

My new Roses book

I saw this lovely review on Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread website.

I so admire Mary's expertise and talent — she has taken her experience and vast knowledge and shared it with all of us and I (along with many, many others, I am sure) would like to thank her for all that she does for the world of embroidery.

I have written two tutorials on how to make a little bird with woolly fibre and how to make a little nest ... Enjoy :)

And to celebrate summer which is nearly here, Bruce has sent you some more African Sunshine... I just love this photo. He looks like my family when I have forgotten (yet again) to make supper...

What's for supper?!

...and congratulations Cape Town. Our city has been named World Design Capital for the year 2014 — the first city in Africa to receive this prestigious award.

If you have any suggestions or need some advice, please feel free to e mail me — we are always glad to help. Until next time... have a good November and enjoy your embroidery!


and the team in Newlands, Cape Town

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