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Blog > How to make short hair with embroidery thread

Little boy’s hair

1. Use all six strands of Rajmahal no. 171 (Woodlands) thread (don’t separate the strands). You can also use a fine silk or Rayon thread from your stock.

Start just underneath the rim of the hood. Make long Single-Knotted stitches alongside each other. Work over a spare tapestry needle and pull the loop downwards towards the eyes as you anchor each stitch. By pulling the stitch in the right direction as you anchor the stitch, the fringe will look more natural. End off at the back.

2. Thread up with a short piece of the same thread and make a knot at the long end. Come up on the left or right side of the hoodie and lay the needle and thread on top of your work.

 3. Catch all the loops with the spare needle and whilst holding the loops in position, use a moist cotton earbud to dampen the hair slightly. Use the needle and thread and make a long straight stitch to hold the loops in place temporarily until the hair has dried.

4. Insert the scissors in the loops and cut them to form the hair.

5. Trim the fringe a little longer than the painted fringe on the design.

6. Remove the holding stitch and brush gently with your fingers to neaten the fringe.

7. The green hoodie is filled in Long and Short stitch. I will show you how in the weeks to come. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to stay in touch with new updates.

Have a lovely weekend!



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