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French knot

French knots are ideal filling stitches for background trees and other detail. Also useful for the centre of flowers.
  • For finer detail, use one strand of thread (separate one strand from the six)
  • For a heavier texture: use 2 or 4mm silk ribbon or perlé thread.
  • Come up from the back and wrap the thread or ribbon two or three times around the needle.
  • Insert the needle back into the fabric, close to where the thread emerged.
  • Pull the thread to the back to form the knot. 
To form loose, frilly knots, be sure not to tighten the wraps around the needle before taking it to the back of your work.
Hold the wraps as you take the needle and thread to the back and you will see how it makes lovely circular shapes. ideal for filling in background detail.
Stitch diagram is © Metz Press and Di van Niekerk.
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