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Blog > Free Tutorial- L is for Love

A Free Tutorial – L is for Love

This tutorial is for every mother who tirelessly looks after the well-being of her children, her animals and her family, day after day, no matter what. I salute you all!

This is the second free tutorial in the Monogram series and hopefully, you will like it enough to make a lovely gift for a special occasion. Enjoy! 

The L Monogram.

What with many countries being in lockdown and others opting to stay safe at home, I thought you may like to make a monogram or two for Christmas gifts, hopefully, one of the letters will match a friend or family member’s name!

So, I will choose letters at random (whenever I have a chance) and I will write a post with the instructions, with a pattern to download (in colour) which you can trace onto fabric or print onto fabric if you have access to the facilities. No worries if you do not have access to printing facilities to print onto fabric in colour, tracing the outline of the letter printed in black and white on your home printer will also work. You’ll find a place to download the template further down the page.


Download the L template here 

You can print it in colour onto fabric using your own inkjet printer or print it in black and white.

Trace the design onto fabric. Use a blue water-soluble pen, sharp pencil or waterproof pigment ink pen. Try to use a light colour fabric, linen, cotton, or cotton blend is good.

Trace as neatly as possible making the leaf and flowers slightly smaller so they will be covered by your stitches.

Trace the shadow outline as well which you can fill in using one or two strands of a matching grey thread and stem stitch filling (which is rows of stem stitch made close together) to fill in the shape.   


Download the instructions for letter L from my Monograms and Words book here: 

What do you need? 

- You will need the letter printed or traced onto pure cotton or linen fabric, a cotton blend is also good. Whatever you have at home will do.  

- Use a soft voile or cotton backing fabric the same size as your embroidery panel to place under your embroidery panel 

- A 10-inch (25 cm) hoop   

Needles. If you don’t have these below, use whatever you can find that’ll suit the thread or ribbon.

Crewel size 5/10 mixed pack
Chenille size 18/24 mixed pack
Tapestry no. 13 or 16

Thread   ** Note – use one strand of thread unless suggested otherwise. 

Use whatever you can find: 

Six-strand cotton or silk – use any brand that you like. Choose a soft pink, a buttercup yellow and a soft green.

Perle no 8 thread or similar, choose a watermelon pink. 

Metallic silver or gold thread (optional) for embellishing.

Silk Ribbon 

2mm silk – soft green 

4mm silk – soft pink   

4mm silk – soft yellow

4mm silk – berry pink

7mm silk – blue

Tiny seed beads (Optional) Pink and blue or use French Knots, 3 wraps around the needle. 

To see the stitches used in this project, you are welcome to see this part of my blog here.

If I have forgotten to add anything or if you have any questions, please email me.    Enjoy!   

Here are some more ideas for the letter L…

Right-click and save the image to print for your own collection.

Until next time, stay safe!


Di ♥

and for a trinket box lid…

And here is an example of a trinket box that I made for a friend.

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