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Blog > Danielle by Maha Chaya from Dubai

Hello Stitching World, I hope you are well and safely at home, away from this virus. What with the lockdown in so many countries, I say thank goodness for our embroidery, it's certainly keeping many of us busy and content with having to stay indoors! If there's anything I can help you with, please, email me  I am always here to help wherever we can! I have something lovely to show you by Maha Chaya who lives in Dubai. Maha has been doing ribbon embroidery for quite sometime now, more than 15 years. Look at what she made   Danielle cuddling her chicks…   Click on the image to enlarge.    Danielle-Cuddling-her-Chicks   I asked Maha to write a little about herself and this is what she wrote:   Hello Di Van, I am Maha Chaya and I have been doing ribbon embroidery for over 15 years. To me, ribbon embroidery is not just an art but it is a means of de-stressing, which is why I have introduced it and have taught many people this art. Recently I have been using my skills in other arts such as crochet, ... and incorporating them all into one frame. I really enjoyed working on your patterns! Thank you and I would love to meet you sometime! Maha Chaya   Thank you Maha, for sharing your talent with all of us, we appreciate it! Have a good week, everybody and stay safe and well  
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