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Blog > Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery by Olga Basailov

Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery by Olga Basailov. Blogpost by Di van Niekerk
Hello, Stitching world! I have this unbelievably beautiful piece to share with you, created by the talented @oliga.di on Instagram or Olga Basailov on Facebook
Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery by Olga Basailov
Olga found ribbon embroidery a year ago during the beginning of the pandemic. She used my work as an inspiration and one of my books (she loved the Fairy book) to learn the techniques. Once she had learnt these she used her imagination to create this piece herself. Isn’t it simply stunning? 💕🌸
Here's how she made this masterpiece...

  1. Trace the design onto the first layer.

2. Add some colour and embroider the first layer ...

3. Make a second layer on organza fabric...


4. Embroider the second layer...

Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery by Olga Basailov
5. See how she made the flower? I asked Olga how she did this and she replied: "For the flowers, I loosened the satin ribbon and I got the threads out of it. To minimize the threads shininess I decided to watercolour them. As a result, my threads become thicker. In the photo, you can see how the threads looked before being watercoloured."


6. And here is the wonderful result!

Beautiful Ribbon Embroidery by Olga Basailov

I asked Olga to write a little about herself and she replied: "

"My name is Olga and I live in Israel. I am a doctor, a loving wife, and a mom of two adorable boys. My passion for embroidery techniques started around one year ago when the pandemic pounced on us all and we were supposed to spend our time in isolation. I discovered for myself a new hobby which was ribbon embroidery. I fell in love with this type of embroidery and from that time on when I have any free time (which is a luxury for me with kids in the house and housework ) I either embroider or find inspiration by observing the nature around me. That’s the story of how I got along with my new hobby :)"

THANK you, Olga, for brightening up our day and keep stitching! I have more beautiful pieces by Olga to show you, so why not subscribe to stay in the loop?
To learn this wonderful craft, you are welcome to have a look at my Box Full of Lessons series or my books. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.
A reminder that you can start at any time in your life. When you put your time and passion into something that you love ~ your creativity will flow.✨
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