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Blog > Beautiful creations with silk ribbon


Hello everybody…hope you are well and happy! I am content and so is my friend, Marina. After many months of very hard work:  Little flowers in silk and organza ribbon by Di van Niekerk and Marina Zherdeva is done! YAY! I love this book and I hope that you will too!


 This is the cover that all of us like...


Click on the image to enlarge


 Little Flowers in silk and organza ribbon


Would love to hear what you think of the cover!


I so enjoyed writing this book and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Marina Zherdeva, such a talented artist. You will see what she has come up with when you open Little Flowers in silk and organza ribbon!


Little Flowers should be on the shelves towards the end March/beginning April 2014.


I will tell you more about the contents closer to the time!






Today I also want to show you some very special gift ideas by Nigar Hikmet from Yeşilyayla köyü - Düzce TÜRKİYE


Click on the images to enlarge

1 By Nigar Hikmet from Turkey



I have always admired her beautiful creations and her style…she has a remarkable talent for making unique creations with ribbon.


Click on the images to enlarge

 1b By Nigar Hikmet from Turkey



I asked Nigar to tell me a little about herself… and she wrote:


“To talk about myself is not easy as ribbon embroidery :) I love nature, flowers, birds, butterflies, which is good, which is nice, I love all what beautiful is, this is me!”


 Click on the image to enlarge


2 By Nigar Hikmet from Turkey



Nigar spent her childhood in Akyazı - Sakarya – TÜRKİYE and she now lives in Yeşilyayla köyü - Düzce TÜRKİYE. She lived in the Netherlands for 22 years.


She finds her inspiration from Nature itself.


Nigar has been doing embroidery since childhood but 7 - 8 years ago she started with ribbon embroidery. She used to teach in the Netherlands for 15 years but stopped teaching 5 years ago and now concentrates on making individual items for her customers.


Click on the image to enlarge


3 By Nigar Hikmet from Turkey



4 By Nigar Hikmet from Turkey




5 By Nigar Hikmet from Turkey



Thank you so much Nigar, for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us


I have more of Nigar’s exquisite creations to show you in the coming weeks.


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Enjoy the rest of your day and GOOD LUCK to my publisher: Wilsia Metz who is Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair — the world's largest trade fair for books. Wishing Metz Press all the success in the world.

 Have a nice week everyone



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