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Look at this gorgeous masterpiece by Mania Badmagrian from GLENDALE in California.

This beautiful piece is from the original painting by the talented artist, Jill Kirstein from Australia. My license for her works expires on 31 December, so if you are interested in making her lovely designs, have a look on my website and search for Jill Kirstein kits. This lovely artwork is known as JK4. They will disappear from my website on 01 January.


Mania wrote:

I started the silk ribbon and Brazilian embroidery business at the beginning of 2000. However, my main business is Mania's Passport and Visa Service established in March of 1993 in Glendale California. But I love my embroidery; it keeps me busy and away from all the stress of the pandemic…

This joyful art is the best solution during difficult times and these last few stressful months.  Thank you so much for giving us this artwork by your books, instructions, by printing the embroidery panels and supplying us with your gorgeous ribbons. 

And have a look at her lovely Strawberries rendition. This piece is taught st5ep-by-step in Little Flowers book

Thank you, Mania, and stay strong. Your embroidery is beautiful! I am holding all my thumbs for you and your business

Have a lovely week, stitching world, and hope you will take a bit of me-time to recharge.  I plan to go hiking, walking along the sea and, of course, to do some stitching!

Stay safe everyone!



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