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Blog > Silk Ribbon Roses by Olga Smirnova

  OLGA SMIRNOVA Hello! Today I have a beauty to show you by Olga Smirnova from St. Petersburg. A work of art in silk ribbon titled: Stop and Smell the Roses.   I had the great pleasure of spending time with Olga when I visited her beautiful city and I just liked her so much!   She is an incredibly talented embroiderer and two of her masterpieces are featured in the beautiful book: Silk Ribbon Embroidery — A collaboration of artists from around the world which was recently published to showcase the winners of the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition 2012.   Annine, the editor, asked each artist featured in the book to write a little about herself, where and how she became involved in silk ribbon embroidery and what inspired her to be so creative and this is what Olga wrote: “My name is Olga Smirnova; I live in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I love to paint, embroider satin stitch and do variety of needlework from my early years.  I always enjoy walking amongst the flowers, taken away by their beauty.  Nature is an endless source of inspiration, especially for those who do needlework. It was my dream to find a hobby that would become a passion and that appeared to be ribbon embroidery! I happened to see photos from Helen Eriksson’s “Ribbon Renaissance” on the web and since then I passionately wanted to learn this art. I studied from books by Di van Niekerk, Helen Eriksson, Ann Cox, and started ribbon embroidery in January 2010.   Olga's winning entry: Stop and Smell the Roses. Click on the images to enlarge   RosesbyOlgaSmirnova For my projects I use various ribbons but prefer those hand dyed by Di van Niekerk! They are so, so beautiful, it’s fantastic! When I knew about the Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition – 2011, I decided to take part by all means.  My "Ballerina" embroidery was awarded a special prize - I'm proud of it very much! In 2012 Di van Niekerk announced the second Competition, and I decided to participate again. I'm happy that my both works have been rewarded by the judges and will be published in this book!"   Thank you, dear Olga, for your inspiration!   Here are some close-up photographs of Olga’s version of Stop and Smell the Roses, featured in the book: Cover SRE-a collaboration of artists Silk ribbon embroidery – a collaboration of artists.       Roses and Delphiniums... Click on the images to enlarge.   Roses Red and Yellow     and... don't you just love the texture in this design?     Delphiniums and Roses     Olga made lists of the ribbons and threads that she used in each section of the design, and you are welcome to download it here:   [download id="177"]   Thank you Olga for you generosity and for always sharing so willingly with embroiderers across the world. We all salute you!   Soon I will show you other masterpieces by very talented artists across the world, who are featured in this book. You are most welcome to join to stay in touch with the latest updates, or link up on Facebook and Twitter   Have a nice Tuesday! Love Di
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